Introduction and Unit Objectives

“To be an accountant in the age of spreadsheet program is — well, almost sexy.” — Steven Levy in “A Spreadsheet Way of Knowledge” (1984)

Howdy and welcome to Unit 3, Create Cells and Ranges. 

In this unit we develop some core skills when it comes to entering data into our Excel worksheets. We look at the different ways to not only enter data but to also make life so much easier with features like AutoFill, AutoComplete, and Drop-Down List to name just a few. 

We also discover how to format our cells so they are easier to use just plan old nicer to look at. Then we end with the find and replace feature that can save you hours of time in large workbooks. 

Unit Objectives:

  • Use different methods to enter data into cells 
  • Cut, copy, paste and move data within Excel 
  • Format cells to make worksheets easier to use 
  • Find and replace data within a spreadsheet